My teaching philosophy reflects the core values of an active and wide-ranging 35-year professional career: hard work combined with musicality, flexibility, intelligence and fundamentally sound technique all help to create a marketable musician.

I believe very strongly in the idea that variety is the spice of life. Doing a number of things well leads to a more challenging, rewarding and fruitful life. I’ve had the great fortune to enjoy a career that includes orchestral playing, chamber music, solo playing, teaching and conducting. The ability to double, which for me means playing alto and tenor trombone, euphonium and bass trumpet, has enriched my performance opportunities and critically informs my teaching approach. I encourage my students to pursue a similar mindset.

A long-standing hallmark of my teaching philosophy is full commitment to my students. I believe that teaching should include sharing what you know, pedagogically and professionally: to serve as a teacher, coach, mentor and advisor, both for brass playing and for life in general. This mirrors my own career, as there were numerous mentors who generously and critically bestowed the same nurturing spirit to me during my development.