Mental Focus

My definition of focus: the act of being mindful and present (“being in the moment”).

Be open to a lifetime of studying focus (mindfulness). This is truly an opportunity to learn and grow as a person, musician and performer.

The ability to intensify and maintain focus leads to confidence and, to the ability to execute under any conditions. When the mind is so full of a plan, there is little room for other thoughts or distractions.

Nerves and anxiety tend to happen when we allow the ego to dominate the act of having a plan and staying focused. Demand that the ego stay out of the room. Study staying in the present.

Study focus thru meditation, yoga, exercise (running/walking/ biking/swimming).

Study different focus methods (books, videos, authors/teachers).

Develop your own method: no single method works for every person or brain.

Fisher method includes: adverse training, study of the breath, process cues, thinking and breathing in rhythm, going through the paces (mock audition/recital) a minimum of 3 times prior to the event.